Pet Services
Our Pet Ash Scattering Service is a wonderful option for those who wish for their pets' ashes to be cared for by people that love animals like they were family.  We extend the same professional and dignified services to animal lovers and their beloved pets.  All of our ash scattering options are available to pet owners.  Rates and shipping information is the same.  See Services Page for details and prices. 

We love all animals.  All of us at Aloha Ash Scattering have been lifetime pet owners and our pets are considered family.  All our pets loved the outdoors.  We knew that scattering their ashes in beautiful nature was important and understand how other pet owners feel.

We encourage you to send any photos or personal notes that could help us honor your pet in a more intimate way.  Each service will include the deluxe memorial package which includes fresh flowers, a scenic photo, a confirmation photo and memorial certificate. Fresh tropical flowers will be laid at the site.  The scenic photo will be a picturesque photo of the beach and views.  The confirmation photo is a simple photo of your package at the scattering site.  The memorial certificate will state the date and location of the ash scattering.  It will include the name of the beach or area with the GPS coordinates.   The photos and memorial certificate will be helpful if you ever decide to visit Maui in the future.

You can request a specific date or we will choose a lovely, sunny day. The service will be provided within 14 days of receipt of ashes.  Your memorial package will be e-mailed within 5 days following the service.  For an additional $20, your memorial package can be sent to you by USPS Priority Mail.
A Maui sunset while spreading ashes at sea
Scattering Ashes in Hawaii
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