Maui is the ideal location for scattering ashes in Hawaii

Here Kaleo is about to begin spreading ashes at sea
I have never used a service like this before, how do I know how it works?
We understand your concern and we can assure you that our professional service is reliable and trustworthy. We offer a Confirmation Photo to offer assurance that your package was received and the ashes safely got to the location requested.  Please check out our Testimonial Page and visit our Facebook Page, https://Facebook/alohaashscattering.  Please read our Services Page for more detailed information concerning our services for scattering ashes in Hawaii.

I have been holding on to my family's ashes for a long time, what do I do now?
It is very common for family to hold on to ashes for awhile before scattering them. This is no problem. Contact us and we can give you the best direction to take.
Do you scatter the remains of pets?
Yes, we do Pet Ash Scattering. The service options and shipping instructions are the same.

My pet does not have a death certificate. Can I still send the ashes?
Yes, you can still send us the ashes. A certificate or form is issued at the time of cremation. Include a copy of any papers issued with the cremation.

What do you mean by individual and separate?
Unlike some boat and airplane services, we do not combine ash scattering services. Each ash scattering service will done as an individual and separate service.

Do you use boats?
No, we do not use boats. From our experience, we have found boats to be too expensive and too uncomfortable for our clients. We prefer the traditional method of paddling out on our surfboard or canoe and scattering ashes. It is more personal and more environmentally green.
What is the Confirmation Photo?
Through the years, we have found that sending a Confirmation Photo eases any concern about the transaction being completed. This photo is a simple photo of your shipping container or cremation box at the beach or mountain location. The photo is to assure you that your loved one's cremated remains are taken care of in the appropriate manner, whether it is spreading ashes at sea or in other locations.

What is the Scenic Photo?
The Scenic Photo is a picturesque photo of the site on the day of the ash scattering. This photo helps families to envision how the day went and to see how beautiful the location is. It is also great reference in the case you ever come to Maui.
What is the Memorial Certificate?
The Memorial Certificate states the date, location by name and by GPS coordinates.

How much does the service costs?
The unattended services cost $249 with the Memorial Package e-mailed to the contact person. For the Memorial Package to be sent by Priority Mail, an additional $20 will be charged. For Attended Services, the price will depend on details. Please call or e-mail us for information.

How do I send the ashes to you?
Please go to our Shipping Page and follow the instructions. It is a simple process. Ashes must be sent by Registered Mail by the United State Postal Service. FedEx and UPS do not ship cremated remains.
How do I know you received the package?
The United States Postal Service has registered mail that allows you to check on the delivery.

After receiving the ashes, how long does it take?
We will scatter the ashes within 14 days of receipt. We will then send the memorial package by E-Mail or Priority Mail with 5 days.

How do I pay?
You can pay by clicking on the PayPal button next to the service you wish for on the Services Page. We can also take your credit card number over the phone. In addition, money orders are accepted and can be sent with the ashes. Sorry, no personal checks are accepted.
I am coming to Maui. Can I paddle out with you?
Yes, we encourage you to paddle out with us. We will provide the surfboards and help you in the water. Contact us for more information.

What is a Hawaiian blessing?
A Hawaiian blessing is an original Hawaiian poem followed by the blowing of a Conch shell.

What kind of prayer do you do at the service?
It is a simple non-denominational Christian prayer. If you have a specific prayer, please send us a copy. We will honor your request and read this prayer at the time of the service.
Can I include a photo and personal notes?
We encourage you to send any photos and personal notes with the box of cremated remains. This helps us in honoring your loved one during the ash scattering ceremony. Any picture or notes sent will be photographed in the Confirmation Photo.

If I send a photo with the ashes, will it be returned?
In general, the answer is no. We keep all photos and notes on file. If you need the photo returned, we recommend sending us a copy of photo or E-mail us the photo instead.

Can I order a lei or extra flowers?
We provide fresh loose flowers for every ash scattering. You can order additional flowers or a lei. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss the options. If ordering a lei, please note we take the flowers off the nylon string before placing them in the water. The nylon string is not good for the water and environment.
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