Shipping Info
We recommend printing the Shipping Instrucitons below.

There is simple instruction for sending ashes to Hawaii. If you are not comfortable handling the shipping of ashes, your funeral service provider can also assist you. Ashes or Cremated Remains can also be shipped directly from your Funeral Home Provider or Crematory Service.

If you are having difficulty printing out the Authorization Form or Shipping Form, please contact us directly. We will e-mail, fax, or mail you the correct information.

Shipping Instructions
We recommend printing the Shipping Instructions below.

1. Place the container of cremated remains in a shipping box. Please make sure the box is secure and the ashes cannot seep out. Your funeral home provider or crematory can provide you with one.

2. Clearly mark the outside of the shipping container on the address side "Cremated Remains".

3. In a separate envelope include the following forms:

  • Authorization Form Click Here to Download/Print the Authorization Form.
  • Copy of Death Certificate.
  • Any Original Disposition Paper (burial permit) from funeral provider.
  • Your money order made to the sum total amount of services. If paying by credit card through our website, please include the copy of you PayPal transaction. If paying by credit card over the phone, please include the order number given to you.
  • Any special requests, personal notes, and/or photos.

4. Enclose the separate envelope of forms and payment inside the shipping box or attach them securely to the outside of the shipping box.

5. Ship to the following address:

Aloha Ash Scattering
1135 Makawao Avenue, Suite 103
PMB 187
Makawao, HI  96768

6. Please us the United States Postal Service's Priority or Priority Express Mail.  Some local offices are strict and only allow Priority Express.  By email, text or phoe, please alert us of shipment and the tracking number given to you.  As soon as the package arrives, we will contact you to let you know it is under our care.   Aloha Ash Scattering is not responsible for the cremated remains while in transit.
     808-633-1450 (Island Direct)